Choosing Your Garden Fencing

Whether you’re fiercely proud of your garden and want to enhance its look and feel, or if you’re just looking to make your property more secure, there are many things to consider first when choosing your garden fence.

Give some thought to the following:

Material – would you prefer wood, metal or plastic? What would look best in your garden?

Style – do you need the solidness of fence panels or prefer the more decorative look of trellis and lattice?

Purpose of fencing – is it for security (if so, is it to keep trespassers out or little ones in)? Do you need fencing for added privacy, decoration to impress visitors or to set visible boundaries between yours and the neighbouring property?

Budget – how much do you have to spend on your fence paneling and where has the best deals? It’s always good to shop around and find out which are the fencing suppliers that have the the highest quality fencing at the right prices.

Time and expertise – how long will it take to have your fence delivered, do you have a deadline to keep and how do you go about getting the right people in to help erect your fence?

Long term care – how much maintenance will a new fence require?

Choosing the right type of fence panels

Once you’ve decided it’s fencing that you need, now is the time to go about choosing the right type of fence panels. After all, one thing is for sure – the more attractive and better made your garden fencing is, the more striking it will appear.

There are loads of suppliers and styles to choose from out there, but what should you look for to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality fencing there is for your money?

fence panels in leicester

Reasons to choose Lawmac Fencing

At Lawmac Fencing we understand that you don’t buy something like garden fencing on a whim, only to change it again the week after. It’s a pretty big job and that’s why your fencing needs to be well made, well put up and do the job you need it to do from the start.

Reasons to choose Lawmac Fencing include the fact that all of our fence panels are manufactured using FSC-certified timber, sourced from managed resources and they are pressure treated to extend the life of the wood and prevent any fungal damage. Our handmade fence panels also come in various sizes and can even be custom built and bespoke to suit a wide variety of tastes.

Discuss Your Plans and Ideas With Us

Whatever ideas you have for your garden fencing in Leicester and beyond, get in touch to discuss your plans and ideas with us. We’re happy to help go through any ideas you might have and to see if we can make your ideas into a reality, with high quality handmade fencing that will be perfect from the start.

At Lawmac Fencing we have many years experience of creating fence panelling for a wide range of uses, whether it’s private – for your front or back garden – or for commercial use, such as for building firms and places of work. Using a courier service we also deliver all over the UK.

Get in touch today to find out more about how Lawmac Fencing can help improve your garden with fencing you can rely on.