How to prepare for a new garden fence in Leicester

Whether you’ve moved into a new home, or you’re just looking to change/ improve the look and feel of your garden, there’s a lot to be said for picking the right garden fencing for your property.

If you’ve decided to invest in some new garden fencing, there are also a few things you can do before you buy, to make sure your purchase is a successful one. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a new garden fence in Leicester, to ensure it keeps doing the job it’s supposed to for many years to come.

new set of fencing

Choosing the right fence

Consider first the reason why you want a fence for your garden, because this is where choosing the right fence is important. Is it to add an attractive feature to your outdoor space, give you added privacy, keep out unwanted animals, or offer extra security and peace of mind? Working out the purpose of the fencing will then enable you to figure out the type and size of fencing you need.

How high would you need your fence to be for it to live up to the purpose it’s there for? At this point bear in mind that height restrictions can apply if it is affecting your neighbours, so it might be a good idea to seek advice from your local council beforehand.

Bear in mind how big the gate in your fence needs to be and where it will be located. And, if you’re putting up fencing along your boundaries, make sure that you are fully aware of exactly where those boundaries are, to avoid any problems with neighbours further down the line.

planning permission

Checking the planning permission

While it shouldn’t necessarily be the case that you need it, checking the planning permission requirements would be another sensible move before buying new fencing. Could there be a reason why you might be told to take down your fencing? Does it affect other properties in a negative way? Is it in keeping with the area?

While it’s only in conservation areas that you can be prohibited from taking down fencing, often it’s a good idea to check what you can and can’t do before you make a big spend or do anything too drastic, just to be sure.

There’s a lot to be said for keeping the neighbours happy too, so it might be an idea – out of courtesy, before any major work is done – to keep the peace by letting them know, especially if it might affect them in any way. Who knows, if your boundary is shared, they may even be happy to split the cost!

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